The Salavage Tittle issue in the

City Ordinance under Chapter 46 Article 1, section 11.3 was discovered by UHTDA membership and found the need for it to be corrected.  It stated that "No vehicle for hire authorized to operate as such pursuant to the terms of this chapter shall have a title classification of "salvage," "junk," "rebuilt-salvage," "total loss," "non-repairable," or any equivalent or comparable classification in any other jurisdiction".


Uhtda membership immediately consulted with its members, other taxi industry leaders, the Mayor, and ARA personnel to correct this matter. This ordinance change was going to cause over 600 vehicles, including Limosines  to be removed from service which was going to create a hardship upon on Drivers.


Uhtda membership has received a favorable response from the Mayor that this amendent concerning the Salvage Tittle will be reversed to allow the Salvage Tittles, but it has to go through the proper channels by having ARA present the changes to City Council to make the vote to change the amendment. Uhtda and other Drivers are working out the details to the information contained in this amendment change.


Currently, UHTDA members, and other Drivers will be speaking on this issue on Tuesday January 6th, 2015 at 901 Bagby street downtown during the public speaking session. If you wish to speak at this session and help to ensure the future of the use of Salavage Tittles Uses please contact UHTDA  to get put on the public speaking list immediately.  This list has to be turned in by 9am Monday 01/05/2015. We are speaking before to make sure that they will be informed correctly about this issue.


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